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Areas of Practice


Wills are very effective at protecting many aspects of an estate, but they must be crafted with detail and according to your individual needs.


A trust can serve a variety of purposes and provide protection for your assets and loved ones.

Estate Planning

The Boesiger Law Firm can assist clients with creating a customized trust that meets your family’s unique needs.

Planning for Minors

You can leave money for your children or grandchildren and make sure that they have financial resources for education, medical care, and other expenses.

Elder Law and Care

As our loved ones age, we may need to start thinking about long-term care.

Special Needs Planning

Families that have loved ones with special needs should consider creating a special needs trust with an estate planning attorney.

Work with Non Profits

Bob has worked with non-profit organizations to implement giving strategies and design endowment building programs.

High Net Worth Planning

You have spent decades building your estate and making sure that your family is secure and comfortable.

Succession Planning

You have worked hard during your lifetime to build a successful business.

Charitable Giving

Charitable gifts are an excellent way to show your support to causes that are dear to you and to leave a lasting legacy.

Corporate Transactions

At the Boesiger Law Firm, we regularly advise businesses on a wide range of corporate transactions.


It is possible to create your own estate plans, but how well do you know the laws? Estate planning documents are not enforceable unless it is properly crafted. An attorney can guide you through the intricate legal details and help you create a customized plan that not only maximizes your protection, but your assets as well. You can also avoid disputes with a well-written estate plan.

What Does Estate Planning Involve?

Estate planning involves planning for the transfer of your assets and properties once you pass away. During the process, you can choose beneficiaries, appoint guardians for young children, and decide how your assets will be distributed. You can also plan for disability or incapacity by designating an individual to handle your financial and medical affairs if you become unable to do so yourself.

What Happens If I Die without a Will or Trust?

This is a common misconception about estate planning. Anyone can benefit from having a solid estate plan, whether you have large assets or a modest estate. With estate planning, you can do much more than just pass down assets or properties – you can appoint guardians for your children, plan for incapacity, leave funeral instructions, and many other details.

Can I Update My Estate Plan?

In fact, it is recommended that you regularly update your estate planning documents when a major life event occurs, such as a birth, death, marriage, or if a family member becomes disabled. These are just a few examples of instances where it is a good idea to update your plan to reflect these changes.

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Private Clients

I’ve worked with Boesiger Law Firm on a number of wills, and Bob helped me through the probate process after a death in the family. He explained everything making the process much less painful. I can’t thank him enough. I recommend Boesiger Law firm to anyone who doesn’t already have an estate planning attorney.

Debbie Willis, West Bloomfield, MI


Bob Bosiger handled a three of our exchange deals, including a complicated case out of sate. I can’t recommend him enough. He is exceptionally knowledgeable, easy to work with, and thorough. He truly cares about his clients, and will do everything in his power to ensure they’re taking care of.

Eugene Gotleib, Traverse City, MI

Professional Firms

Like most financial planners, it’s good to have a network of professionals you can refer clients to. Bob is my go-to estate planning attorney. I’ve known him for years, and have heard nothing but great things from everyone I’ve sent his way. Definitely recommend.

Michael Hollenbrook , Birmingham, MI